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2013 instructions for Schedule D of the 1041

This morning the IRS released the final version of the 2013 instructions for Schedule D of the 1041, and the first draft version of the 2013 1041 instructions (final to be posted sometime next week). We are now modifying the software based on these instructions.

Our state fiduciary income tax submissions have been approved by CT (except for Schedule I, which has not yet been released), NC, and VA. We are in varying levels of review and approval for the remaining nine (9) states whose fiduciary income tax returns we support.

The IRS will start accepting 1041 e-filed returns on 01/31/2014. We will be submitting our test files next week to the IRS and PA for e-file testing and approval.

We will circulate an e-mail when the first round of 2013 fiduciary income tax software is ready for release.

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