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6-in-1 update

A further 6-in-1 update is planned for Monday, 03/10/2014. This will include 1041 and PA-41 e-file so that you can start validating your returns. We submitted our 10 test returns to the IRS last night, and will submit to Pennsylvania today. We will let you know once we obtain approval from both authorities so that you may proceed with sending your returns to us.

Note that the upgrade will resolve an issue with Line 15c (formerly Line 15b) Allowable Miscellaneous Itemized Deductions subject to the 2% floor. Currently, the deductions allocable to taxable income are being reduced by an amount from new Line 15b (Net Operating Losses, usually zero) rather than from new Line 15c. Please check your returns where Line 15c is applicable, and install the next update as soon as it is posted.

Also, on Page 5 of the 709 for 2013, the “Get 2012 GST Exemption” button is setting the Line 2 “Total exemptions used for periods prior to filing this return” in the 2012 return rather than in the 2013 return. The update also resolves this issue. If you have used this feature this year, just correct the amounts in the 2012 and 2013 returns, then apply the update when it becomes available.

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