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e-file Status Report #2014-20

We are pleased to report that all of customer #1’s 29 returns have been accepted by the IRS, and all but one accepted by the PA Department of Revenue (there is a submission issue with the last one that we are working on).

Today we worked with customer #2 to e-file her returns, with the following results:

1041 (19 total)
16 Accepted
3 Rejected (issue with the 1041 return type not matching the return type established with the IRS for the EIN)

PA-41 (18 total) (1 of the 1041 returns was for a TX resident)
12 Accepted
3 To be submitted (based on returns now accepted by the IRS)
3 To be submitted (once 3 rejected 1041s are resolved)

Issues encountered included the following:

1) Additional fields needed to be rounded to 0 decimals.

2) The 706 Waiver needed to appear before the Statement of Line 15a.

3) Form 8949: Even though the 1099s specified that Boxes A or D should be checked, the basis reported to the IRS was correct. Thus, there was a mismatch between the default code “B” and an empty basis adjustment field. Resolved by unchecking Boxes A and D, despite the 1099 instructions.

4) Form 8949 and Line 15a: Number of transactions exceeded initial arbitrary limit of 20. That limit has been raised to 999.

5) PTIN: Missing from one return.

6) Preparer/Filer Address Lines 1 and 2: Needed to be truncated to 35 characters.

7) Suffix: One beneficiary’s suffix was displaying “Jr.” (with a trailing period). The new MeF accepts only JR, SR, and I – X (no periods). Period removed, and return went through.

We are planning to test the software with customer #3 on Wednesday, July 8.

We are still targeting release by the end of this week (week of 7/6/2015, as announced in Status Report 2014-19 on 6/30/2015).

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