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e-file Status Report #2014-23

Customer #3 has now submitted approximately 30 returns, with all accepted except for two (typo on two-letter state code for one, missing fiduciary name in the other).

Customer #5 has now submitted some 15 returns (accepted by the IRS).

Customer #6 has now submitted as least one return (accepted by the IRS and PA).

In total, some 100 returns have been e-filed and accepted by the IRS, and some 80 by PA.

Issues that arose since 2015-191 was posted last Friday evening, and resolved in this evening’s posting of 2015-194:

1) Grantor Trust: The amounts on the right panel of the e-file Center now suppress the display of the 1041 amounts (because not relevant to a grantor trust return).

2) Grantor Trust: Form 8960 no longer attached (because not relevant). This generated an error message which prevent the return from being e-filed.

3) Grantor Advice Letter: “Total” amounts (taxable, tax-exempt, and deductions) now rounded to 0.

4) PA NRK-1: Beneficiary with a foreign address now displays the address, city, province, postal code, and country information. The logic for an NRK-1 beneficiary and entity (U.S. vs. foreign address) was refined.

5) 1041: Test for whether a return was set to “Don’t File” or “Paper File” refined so that it refers to the specific return, not the first return in the set.

The next version will resolve the following issues:

1) Firm name with “&”: The “&” is a disallowed character for e-file, so it is stripped out. But that leaves two spaces, which are also not permitted. Revised logic will strip out multiple spaces both before and after disallowed characters are removed. For now, just replace “&” with “and” in the firm name (and any other places where it may appear).

2) Beny foreign address: Old procedure called for empty zip code, and “. ” in state field. New procedure calls for state/province and zip/postal code to be entered, as well as foreign country (in “Foreign Address” screen, button on right side of Edit Beneficiaries). When entering foreign postal code, enter it first, then enter (or re-enter) the city and state. The new logic will not attempt to look up the city and state when you enter/change the zip/postal code (which then left those fields blank for a foreign address).

3) K-1: Foreign address will no longer display red message that “Beneficiary State and Zip Code do not match”.

4) PA-41 and NJ-1041: e-file Center will now display the income distribution deduction on the right panel, opposite the 1041 Line 18 amount.

5) Amended 1041: Program will now allow you to amend the return despite an acceptance of the original return. We amended a return today with one customer, and it was accepted 21 minutes after the original return was accepted.

6) Status Message: “Ready to submit to IRS” message (which suggests that further action by the user is required) will now display “Pending” instead.

07/10/2015 (5:50 pm):

e-file Status Report #2014-22

Customer #2 has now had all returns submitted and accepted by the IRS and PA.

Customer #3 has now submitted approximately 12 returns, with all accepted except for one PA return (address issue pending).

Customer #4 had one return to e-file, and that was accepted by the IRS and PA.

In total, we have had four customers submit over 60 returns, with a nearly 100% success rate (IRS and PA). We will monitor submissions from NY and NJ customers, and address any issues that did not emerge during the testing process with the states.

Issues that arose with Customers #3 and #4 included the following:

1) PA-41 RK-1/NRK-1: nine-digit zip code need version of field without the hyphen.

2) 1041 Line 10, Box for 4952 should not be checked if 4952 shows zero interest deduction.

3) 8949 Date of Acquisition: Legacy e-file used to specify “Inherit” as an option. “Modernized” e-file (“MeF”) now requires “Inherited” (or “Various” or “Inh-2010”). Software now converts “Inherit” to “Inherited” automatically.

4) K-1: Foreign beneficiaries now require actual foreign country, rather than previous procedure (empty zip code and “. ” in state field). On “Edit Beneficiaries” screen, click on “Foreign Address” button for the appropriate screen.

Note #1: for state returns, you should wait until you have received a 1041 acceptance. Then e-file the state return, which will automatically include the entire federal return.

Note #2: there may be cases where you are not e-filing a federal return, but need to e-file a state return. In such cases, please contact us. A later release of the software will allow for this exception.

We have posted version 2015-191 for download, with the following suggestions:

a) If you have returns due on July 15, submit those returns. Be prepared to file an extension if your federal return (and state return, if applicable) does not show a postmark date within some 30 minutes after submission on or before July 15. This means that the return failed our XML or Business Rule validation process before getting to the IRS. If a return is submitted by the due date, but rejected, you get credit for the original postmark date, but must resubmit it within a certain number of days in order to preserve that postmark date:

IRS: 10 calendar days
NY: 7 calendar days
PA: 5 calendar days

b) If you need to e-file in order to trigger a significant refund that the client is expecting, submit those returns.

c) For all other pending returns, you might want to submit a few, then wait for results, before proceeding with the rest of your returns.

d) We will be monitoring all returns as they are e-filed. We will contact you in connection with any returns that do not pass through the IRS’s highly technical XML and/or Business Rules validation process. As you have seen from our recent Status Reports, there can be any number of data conditions and/or form interactions that can require adjustments in order for a return to be accepted.

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