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e-file Status Report #2014-25

Version 2015-240 just posted. If you still need to e-file any returns by the 9/15/2015 extension date, we encourage you to download this version.

To date, 60 firms have e-filed 1,442 returns, as follows:

US: 1,020
NJ: 30
NY: 45
PA: 347

The SDK/Software Developers’ Kit error (based on an issue known to the IRS since March but only recently communicated to us) was resolved by SDK v5.3 that we received last week from the IRS. We incorporated this version into the software several days later. All 22 such returns have now been resubmitted by the affected firms and have been accepted by the IRS.

The only known remaining issues are the following:

1) 10 returns were marked as “Duplicate” when, in fact, the first submission was accepted by the IRS. Yesterday, the IRS sent us the Submission IDs for the accepted returns. We will work early next week with the affected firms (via GoToMeeting) to set the status to “Accepted” in the 6-in-1 software.

2) One NY IT-205 has a value on Page 1, Line 34, that requires an attached “Wage and Tax Statement”. We will be addressing that issue within the next several days.

There are still occasional odd data conditions that arise, and we deal with them on a case-by-case basis. As always, we look forward to ensuring that you get all of your extended 2014 returns e-filed and accepted by the 9/15/2015 due date.

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