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IRS release of 2013 instructions for Schedule D of the 1041

This morning the IRS released the final version of the 1041 instructions for the 2013. We are now comparing these instructions to the draft that was posted 13 days ago.

The status of state approvals is as follows:

CT: approved (Schedule I released on 2/10/2014; approval pending)
DE: approved
IL: approved (2/13/2014)
IN: approved
MA: approved
NC: approved
NJ: approved (2/14/2014)
NY: approved (2/12/2014) Paper filing only*
OH: approved
PA: approved (2/12/2014)
VA: approved
WI: approval (2/11/2014)

  • NY has jumped directly to XML-based “Modernized” e-file for 2013 returns, even though the IRS is treating this as a transitional year (accepting both “Legacy” and “Modernized” e-filed returns). Many states will be “piggybacking” on the Modernized federal e-filing system starting with 2014 return, and we plan to support a number of them (including NY).

We expect to post updated software on or before 2/17/2014 (paper filings), and e-file software within 1-2 weeks thereafter (subject to test results from the IRS and PA Department of Revenue).

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