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We have learned the following from the PA Department of Revenue:

1) Our 10 test e-file returns were processed as “Accepted” yesterday evening.

2) The Department will be reviewing one of the PDF versions of the return tomorrow morning before providing us with official e-file approval.

3) The Department approved the version of the PA-8879 that we submitted last night, with appropriate changes made to suit the PA-41.

4) Preparers who have already provided their fiduciaries with PA-41s do not need to go back to these fiduciaries to obtain signed PA-8879s. Once firms have installed our next update, preparers should print the PA-8879, have fiduciaries sign it, sign it themselves, put it in their files, then proceed with PA e-file. It takes approximately 20-30 seconds to e-file each PA-41, and results can be expected approximately 36 hours later.

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