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Version 2014-234 now available for download

Primary additions:

1) CT-706/709 and CT-706 NT (and related extensions forms) for 2014

2) New “Out-of-Balance” reports: access from green “OOB” button at the top of the main Transact screen, or the larger green button toward the bottom right of the screen. These screens should allow you to pinpoint potential out-of-balance transactions (or transactions missing bank names) almost instantly.

Click on a line in the report (to highlight in yellow), then click on Sched in left column (with gray shading) to navigate to details for that transaction.

Also, click on Prev/Next buttons (or press Ctrl-Up or Ctrl-Down) to navigate to other records in that found set.

e-file statistics (through 07/07/2014):

Accepted: 1,799 (116 firms)
Rejected: 31 (beny EIN missing digits; beny zip code wrong length; K-1 count override; decedent and grantor trust both checked; foreign beny needs “. ” in state field; Grantor Trust with unnecessary supporting statements – call for resolution).

Accepted: 719 (63 firms)
Rejected: 4

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