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e-file Status Report #2014-02

1. 1041 e-file Testing. We submitted our five (5) required samples to the IRS on Sunday evening, and are expecting to talk with an IRS reviewer sometime on Monday. Once the IRS approves our software, it will put us into “Production” mode, and you will be able to e-file.

2. States (NJ, NY, PA). We are continuing to move this work forward as quickly as possible. Fortunately, it’s not nearly as complicated as the 1041 and its 15 related forms and schedules. These states are on standby, waiting to receive our test returns during the next couple of days.

3. e-file Process. In the 6-in-1 e-file Center, you will be able to select a return, click on “e-file Selected Return”, then wait approximately 3 seconds while the return is validated for XML and Business Rule purposes. If there are errors, you will be notified immediately. Otherwise, the estate or trust name will appear in green to indicate that it has been submitted to the IRS. We understand that the IRS processes these returns right away, but we’ll be able to report more specific detail within the next day.

4. Speed. The new process is approximately 50x faster (3 seconds vs. 2-3 minutes per return). Thus, if you are e-filing 10 returns, you can expect the entire process to take you less than a minute.

5. Future. “Modernized e-file” (MeF) has become the de facto standard for most IRS returns, including the 1041 (which no longer supports the “Legacy” format that we used for the previous four years). By devoting significant resources to this “Modernized e-file” project during the past seven months, we have laid the groundwork for many years to come.

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