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The Lackner Group

6-in-1 Reimagined

This program is a profoundly redesigned version of the 6-in-1 Estate Administration that has been relied upon since 1986 by thousands of users.  It was the first of its kind to provide a one-write solution to the preparation of the 706, 709, 1041, state inheritance/estate tax returns, state fiduciary income tax returns, inventories, accountings and (for some states) extensive probate forms.  It also includes DecoupleCruncher (a sister product to NumberCruncher) with simultaneous calculations for the 706 and every state (up to four at one time) that has been decoupled or quasi-decoupled at any time starting in 2005.  It also handles the most complex circular calculations that you will ever see (and has been used for this purpose on at least 400 occasions during the past 34 years).

Don’t want to wait for the 6-in-1 Reimagined release?  Check out the current product.

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Leimberg LeClair and Lackner

NumberCruncher (cloud)

NumberCruncher provides 115 instant calculations (64 estate planning and 51 financial planning).  These calculations include federal estate/state estate tax, federal gift tax, GRAT, QPRT, CRAT, CRUT, CLAT, CLUT; Life Estate, Remainder, and Annuity Factors; Life Expectancy; Present/Future Value; and much, much more.  The cloud version will be the first of its kind to offer a visual, interactive, and animated experience.  NumberCruncher is currently used by some 3,500 firms (including the IRS) with some 10,000 users.



Don’t want to wait for the cloud product release?  Check out the current product.

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