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    6-in-1 Estate and Trust Administration Software

 6-in-1 Estate and Trust Administration

This Estate and Trust Administration software was first developed in 1986, 6-in-1’s One-Write System is the answer to the challenge of collecting and tracking the vast amount of data and information relating to the administration of estates and trusts.

The software saves estate administration, inventory and fiduciary accounting information into one database and prepares accounting (formal and informal) and tax documents based on that data. Because 6-in-1 greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to prepare estates, our customers are able to spend more time growing their businesses.

6-in-1 includes the following modules (varies by state):

State Death Tax
State Accounting
State Inventory
State Fiduciary Income Tax
U.S Federal Estate Tax (706)
U.S. Fiduciary Income Tax (1041)
(U.S. Gift Tax (709) is also available)

6-in-1 produces six documents from just one entry!

Features and Benefits

Only one entry is needed for each asset/debt, income/expense

Ability to copy existing transactions

Drives estate and trust information to appropriate documents for easy filing

Performs precise computations required for each tax return

All returns have been approved by the appropriate state or federal authority

All documentation is reviewed, approved and tested by the appropriate authorities along with our own internal experts

Relational database structure:  Data is only stored once so multiple record changes are not needed

Unrivaled email & phone support

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