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NumberCruncher (Ready to buy? Scroll down.)

What is it?

NumberCruncher is Leimberg LeClair & Lackner’s authoritative estate planning decision-maker and “electronic survival tool”. It is the essential “instant answers” solution for estate, business and financial planners.

This intuitively easy-to-use tool requires practically no learning curve. New users will be astounded by how quickly NumberCruncher can be mastered, how many creative tasks it performs, and how amazingly fast you have your answers.

Who is it for?

It was expressly designed for life settlement professionals, life insurance agents, life settlement brokers, attorneys, CPAs, financial planners, and trust officers.

Why was it created?

Advisors have both an ethical and professional obligation to clients to determine, not only how much the client would net in a sale of existing life insurance, but also if – or how much – his or her family needs the insurance proceeds and how much the family would lose if the policy is sold rather than retained. Professionals have a further duty to search for and analyze the viable alternative premium sources before a decision is made to sell an existing policy. Similarly, if the policy is owned by an entity, an analysis must be made of whether it is in the business entity’s best economic interest to sell or retain the policy.

NumberCruncher was created to run the “HOLD or FOLD” numbers – so that professionals can compute the economic viability of a sale – in conjunction with taking a hard look at the other long-term needs, objectives, and circumstances of the client and the client’s family and/or business. Either one without the other deprives the client of a full, fair and completely objective analysis. Furthermore, NumberCruncher helps clients who are thinking of selling their policies to be more comfortable with – and better understand the context and implications of – a sale.

Pricing for NumberCruncher 2018.00

1 user


/per user

0% discount

2-5 users


/per user

15% discount

6-10 users


/per user

20% discount

11-15 users


/per user

25% discount

16-20 users


/per user

30% discount

21-30 users


/per user

35% discount

31-35  users


/per user

40% discount

Features and Benefits

No training needed

  • Product is easily mastered
  • Doesn’t have a steep learning curve

100+ calculations

  • Estate planning calculations
  • Financial planning calculations

Saves users time

  • Calculations done in seconds rather than hours when done manually

Unrivaled technical support

  • Informative and quick to respond

Money-back guarantee

  • 60 day money-back guarantee
  • Full refund if not satisfied with the product

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